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Just outside Haleakala National Park between 4500 – 6500 feet elevations on the Slopes of Haleakala are amazing stargazing spots with incredible Maui views.  Join resident astronomer, Becky Sydney, for “out of this world” stargazing and a delicious organic picnic.  The Hawaiian owl, Pueo, often joins us too! Look through a deep space telescope as Becky gives a guided tour of the night sky. View the constellations, planets, stars, craters on the Moon and cool Milky Way objects.  It’s a celestial party on the Slopes of Haleakala!

  Organic Picnic – Coats/Hats/Gloves – Blankets – Mats – Chairs – Star Map

*Maui Astronomy Tours does NOT stargaze at Haleakala National Park.

Transportation is NOT provided.

Sunset and Stargazing Adventure

Adult – $80.00

Children & Kama’aina- $70.00

Maximum 12 people per tour.

Minimum 4 people.  

Follow astronomer in your own car.


Join a professional astronomer with her telescope on the Slopes of Haleakala! Enjoy a spectacular sunset at 6500 feet or you can drive into Haleakala National Park for sunset on your own! As astronomical twilight fades, the magic of Maui’s night sky begins! Stargazing includes a delicious organic picnic!  Look through a telescope to see up close views of the cosmos. BUT CAN YOU HANDLE THE COLD?  At 6500 feet elevation, temperatures can be below freezing. Bring layers of pants, thick socks and closed shoes.  Coats, hats, gloves and blankets provided.

Maui Astronomy Tours does not provide transportation, please follow astronomer in your own vehicle.

We do not tour the professional telescope observatories on Haleakala.  They are off limits to the public. 



  • Stunning Sunset on the Slopes of Haleakala 
  • Chairs, Mats or Blankets 
  • Tour of the Night Sky with a professional astronomer
  • Coats, Hats, Gloves, Blankets and Hand Warmers
  • Delicious Organic Picnic
  • Look through an 8″ Telescope
  • Binocular Observation
  • See Stars, Constellations, Planets & Deep Space Objects
  • Star Map
  • Meet astronomer at 4:00 PM in Makawao at Longs Drug Store Kulamalu Center – Follow Astronomer to Stargazing Location  – Observe until 8:00 PM.

Note:  During Spring and Summer, meeting times will be later due to later sunset time.



Maui Astronomy Tours DOES NOT provide transportation.  Please have enough gas in your vehicle for the drive up the mountain.

You will be contacted by 1:00pm with a weather update.

4:00 PM – Meet at Longs Drug Store parking lot in Makawao/Kula area – Kulamalu Center

55 Kiopaa St. Maui –  from Route 37, take right on Aapueo then next left into Longs parking area

  • 20 Minute Orientation at Longs Drug parking lot area – receive coats, hats & gloves
  • 30 minute drive to 6500 feet elevation (stargazing site) from Longs Drug Store 
  • Follow astronomer in your vehicle
  • Sunset in Haleakala National Park is optional on your own – Park entrance fee $25.00 per car
  • Don’t forget to fuel your vehicle for the drive up
  • Taxi service is also available but very expensive
  • Spend the day in Haleakala National Park and join us on the way down
  • Long pants (2 layers are ideal)
  • Closed Shoes
  • Socks
  • Sunglasses or Hat
  • Personal Snacks
  • Camera

WARNINGS: If you watch sunset at summit, DO NOT SCUBA DIVE within 24 hours of your tour; this causes altitude sickeness.

If you are prone to fear of heights or driving at night on a curvy road, please consider this before booking.

ALSO: People with health issues (i.e. pacemakers, diabetes, pregnancy, heart disease, lung disease) please contact your doctor for risk assessment at 10,000 feet elevation.                 No smoking or alcohol during tour. No pets.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   24 hour cancellation notice is required.  Contact Becky if you have an emergency.

You will be contacted at 1:oo PM with a weather update. If weather is inclement, you can reschedule or be refunded.  

If weather turns inclement during your stargazing tour, a partial refund is issued.

Stargazing on the Slopes available locations


February 2018 Viewable Stars, Planets & Constellations:

Aries, Pleiades, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Orion, Cassiopeia, Capella, Sirius, Canopus, Auriga, Canis Major, Winter Hexagon, Venus, Mercury, Centaurids

There is no Full Moon in February making it a month with a BLACK MOON!

February 1 – Hubble space telescope  6:50PM in Cassiopeia

February  2 – Hubble 6:40PM in Cassiopeia

February 7 – Last Quarter Moon – Centaurids Meteor Shower

February 15 – New Moon – Moon kisses Venus

February 20 – Venus kisses Neptune low in west after sunset 

February 22 – 1st Quarter Moon

February 28 – Venus kisses Mercury low in west after sunset 

February 28 – Tiangong satellite to plunge to Earth

For cosmic event info:

For 2018 star maps:




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