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28 years ago when I moved to Maui I immediately fell in love with the stars. A lover of learning, I promised myself I would learn as many as possible. The stars must have aligned because I soon found myself conducting astronomy presentations for tourists at the Hyatt Regency Tour of the Stars program! Fully immersed in astronomy I had to learn fast; the science, the history, the mystery plus using telescopes every night!   It took me a year to learn the entire sky as Earth orbited through the seasons. I realized that each year, each month, each night is different and constantly changing so learning never ceases! I had found my passion and greatest happiness.

Fast forward to today, with 26 years of astronomy experience, I’ve had the privilege of working in many fields of astronomy on Maui. I created the Maui Astronomy Club, which currently has over 500 members! As a 2 time NASA Space grant recipient, I worked 5 years at Boeing Aerospace Maui tracking satellites, discovering near Earth asteroids and where I met my wonderful astrophysicist husband, Paul.   I’ve also enjoyed teaching at UH Maui College and giving lectures, participating in once in a lifetime astronomical events and sharing astronomy with thousands of people from around the world.

Now, with great excitement, I embark on a new business conducting Astronomy Tours on Haleakala Volcano! I have finally made it to the top! I hope you enjoy the stars over Maui as much as I do.